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Your band or project is your business.
That's where we can help you.
R.H.E. can help lighten the load of running the day to day business of your band, so you can give the attention to what really matters: playing and performing.
Rusty Hicks Entertainment Tour Management

Touring is one of the most important ways that an artist can spread the word about their music within both the industry and the general public. It can serve as an excellent catalyst for radio airplay; articles, stories and reviews; retail placement, on-air performances; in-store performances and other promotional opportunities.  Touring is also expensive and exhausting for most artists.  Given the importance and cost of touring, it is unfortunate how many artists hit the road without doing even basic promotions work in every market in which they are playing.   RHE arranges and books tours, and with our Tour Support Package, all you have to do is show up and play!

Booking gigs can be frustrating for any musician. This is particularly true for new and emerging artists and even the seasoned bands.

With our database of bands, independent artists, promoters, clubs and venues, RHE has the ability to fill your calendar whenever needed!

RHE has an affordable Tour Support service for artists and labels that will help the effect of every tour.  If you are going to tour – then it should make a real difference in your career by creating buzz and industry recognition, promoting your current release, increasing your fan base and draw, and building the foundation for your release.

Things to remember!
Managers, Club Owners, Booking Agents and Promoters take you more seriously when you're represented by a professional organization experienced in dealing with them!
We specialize in Local, Regional and National Booking!
No job is too small!

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The Outlaw
a Tribute to Waylon Jennings
did a West Coast Tour to Corpus Christi, TX then back to Seattle! The tour was October 8, through the 28th, 2012