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Welcome to the World of 
Forrest Lee Jr. 
Hire Forrest for your next recording session or gig ... browse the Store for CD's of Forrest's tasty Tele chops ... Learn from the artist himself with instructional DVD's ... cruise on over to the Custom Guitars section to hot rod your favorite guitar or have one built to your specs .

 Together they are the Hicks and they are officially the most American Band in Canadian History. A pinch of Hank and Dr. Hook, a drop of Cash, a slice of Zappa, an edge like Z.Z. and funny like a cross between The Three Stooges and Bill Hicks with a ounce of Cheech and Chong. To call them politically or socially incorrect or to call them bearers of the flame of truth doused with ignitable humor would be an understatement. 
That's the HICKS.

Country, Americana, Blues
Tours the US and is looking to go overseas for some festivals! 
The Outlaws Waylon Tribute
The Outlaw
a Tribute to Waylon Jennings
The Outlaw a Tribute to Waylon Jennings is the brain child of lead vocalist and guitar player Jeremy Manley. Putting the band together in May of 2007 as a one time performance for his birthday. and the rest is history. COWJAZZ.

The Outlaws (a Waylon Tribute)